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Upcoming international events and calls:

13th European Symposium for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (ESTAC13). Palermo, Italy

Palermo, Italy, 2022 (date to be confirmed). 

Upcoming domestic events and calls:


FinTAC travel grant 2022

Finnish Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Association FinTAC funds a grant for a doctoral student to attend scientific event (conference, symposium, workshop etc) abroad. Grant applicant must have an oral speech or a poster presentation at the event. The grant covers direct expenses up to 1 500 euros. FinTAC recommends the applicant to join FinTAC at the association’s website . No membership fee is collected.


FinTAC kindly asks to apply for this grant 28.2.2022 at 6pm latest. Finnish or English written grant application must be at PDF form and actual application plus all attachments in one file for convenience. Only applications sent by email to the association's address fintacry(at) are accepted for validation. The application must include following appendices:

1. Research plan and current status of the doctoral studies (max 2 pages)
2. List of publications
3. Curriculum vitae (max 2 pages)
4. Travel plan and estimation of budget (travel tickets, accommodation, conference fee etc.)
5. Trustful document of right to pursue doctoral studies and supervisors of the studies
6. Possible recommendation letter

Grant applications will be validated at FinTAC board meeting chaired by associate professor Essi Sarlin (Tampere University). Decision made will be informed personally to the grant winner as well as announced at the FinTAC’s website during March 2022. Grant winner must provide cost clearance latest three months after attending scheduled scientific event. FinTAC makes an announcement of the funding to Finnish Tax Administration.


Thermal analysis to support sustainable utilization of our environment at Kemian päivät 2022 (ChemBio Finland)

Messukeskus, Helsinki, 31.3.2022



Past events

FinTAC grant 2020:


The FinTAC grant 2020 was given to MSc (Tech.) Niina Merilaita (University of Tampere) for attending the 14th International Conference on Ceramic Processing Science (Luleå, Sweden, 21.-26.6.2020). The decision was based on academic merits, well-defined justifications for conference participation and a research topic having both societal impact in general and relevance to the scientific field FinTAC is representing.


FinTAC-FyFa Symposium 2020:

Joint symposium of the Finnish Society of Physical Pharmacy and Finnish Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Association:

"Trends of thermoanalytical methods in materials characterization"

13-14 February 2020, Helsinki, Finland


ChemBio Finland 2019:


FinTAC ry organized a session "Materials in nature - thermoanalytical aspects" in ChemBio Finland (Kemian päivät) in Helsinki on Wednesday 27.3.2019.

The abstract booklet can be found here.


FinTAC grant 2019:


The FinTAC grant was given to MSc Lizhi Liu (University of Eastern Finland) for attending the 6th Nano Today Conference (Lisbon, Portugal, 16.-20.6.2019) with the poster entitled "Homologous targeting and synergistic therapy with biomimetic porous silicon for breast cancer therapy”. The decision was based on excellent academic merits and research topic relevant to the scientific field FinTAC ry is representing.


FinTAC grant 2018:


The FinTAC grant 2018 was given to MSc Emilia Palo (Univeristy of Turku) for attending the EuCheMS conference (Liverpool, UK, August 26.-30.2018) with the poster entitled "Layer-by-layer method in protecting upconverting nanoparticles." The decision was based on academic merits and research topic relevant to the scientific field FinTAC ry is representing.

ChemBio Finland 2017:


FinTAC ry organized a half-day thermal analysis and calorimetry session at the ChemBio Finland 2017 in Helsinki on March 29-30, 2017.

The abstract booklet can be found here.


Thermal Analysis Workshop 10.10.2017:

Finnish Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Association FinTAC ry and Tampere University of Technology organized a seminar focusing in DMTA and TMA-techniques and their applications in determining thermomechanical material properties. The program can be found here.


FinTAC grant 2016:


The FinTAC grant 2016 was given to MSc Konstantin Tamarov (University of Eastern Finland) for attending the 5th International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials (6-10 March 2017, Lisbon, Portugal) with a presentation on the development of nanoscale ultrasound contrast agents. All  received applications for the grant were scientifically of excellent quality and topics relevant to the area FinTAC is representing. The granted applicant was chosen purely by academic merits, which in this case were excellent.